Shawna Wolf is a composer and oboist inspired by nature, the goodness in people, and collaboration. She graduated from Bowling Green State University, with an MM in composition and an MM in oboe performance. In 2017-18, following her undergraduate degree and preceding graduate study, Wolf was proud to work at the Philharmonic Society of Orange County in development, ticket services, and special event planning. Her pieces have been performed by many talented musicians, including members of the National Symphony Orchestra, the Florida Orchestra, the San Francisco Opera Orchestra, and the Grand Teton Music Festival.

Wolf has a special interest in cross-disciplinary collaboration. This interest was sparked by the Bee Aware Project in 2016 where she toured Hawaii as a composer and oboist. Inspired by the collaborative work of Dr. Michael Dillon, entomologist, and Professor Rachel Shaw, choreographer, the Bee Aware project used Laban Movement Analysis to craft a dance-drama that presented the effects of pesticides on bumblebees. Wolf worked with the group to compose and perform flexible music to accompany their ever-changing production.

Shawna also worked with Dr. Dillon, recording bumblebee sounds to better understand how bees communicate. Their collaboration resulted in the work Bumblebee Revery, premiered in 2017 at the Redline Contemporary Art Center as part of the May 2017 (de)composition salon, hosted by Cristin Colvin.

Outside of collaboration, Wolf has composed numerous solo, chamber, electronic, and large ensemble works. Her pieces have been performed by members of the Florida Orchestra, the Grand Teton Music Festival, the National Symphony Orchestra, the San Francisco Opera Orchestra, the Wichita Symphony Orchestra, and the University of Wyoming Wind Symphony.

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